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Club Sponsorship Program - Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the Sponsorship arrangements with sporting clubs:

  1.  Only 1 promotional code will be issued to a sporting club.

  2.  Commission means the sponsorship money paid on passenger bookings in accordance with this program.

  3.  Charter services and bookings are subject to availability.

  4. The commission paid to a club is based on the number of passengers attending a bus charter for the entirety of the trip.

  5.  Commission will be paid to clubs on a quarterly basis, which is 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October.

  6.  Commission will be at the rate of $5 per passenger.

  7.  Commission will be paid on charters where the correct club promotional code is applied at the time of the booking request.

  8.  Commissions are paid in the quarterly payment run following the actual charter service date, NOT the booking date.

  9.  The charter service is NOT limited to club members, it's open to anyone who uses the club promotional code.

  10.  Sportsbus has the right to retain commission if the charter causes abnormal or additional expenses. This includes excessive cleaning, damage or unfunded & excessive additional time (more than 1.5-hours is considered excessive).

  11.  Commission will be paid into a formal club bank account via BSB and Account Number only. It will not be paid to individual or personal accounts.

  12.  Any promotional advertising expenses adopted by the club will be at clubs cost. This is expected to be minimal.

  13.  The club will be contacted once a booking is taken using the clubs promotional code, where the club will need to advise banking details for transfer before the next quarter time-frame.

  14.  Commissions will only be held for the current quarter. If banking details aren't supplied before the next quarterly payment run, then Sportsbus has the right to cancel the commission payments for that quarter.

  15.  Sportsbus has the right to refuse or cancel a clubs involvement in the program at any time. The club will be advised via email if this occurs.

  16.  This offer will be reviewed annually on the 30th June each year. The sponsorship program will continue automatically unless clubs participating in the program are advised by email.

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