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Sporting Club Sponsorship Program

Sportsbus is offering a sponsorship opportunity for all sporting clubs across Melbourne / Victoria. With the power of social media, minimal effort is required by the club to accumulate income simply by advertising Sportsbus through their club communications. It's as simple as that!


For example:

Jesse who plays at your club also goes to Uni and has a Uni friend (Jimmy) whose sister (Grace) is getting married and wants a bus for transferring the wedding guests. Jesse shares a Facebook post with his friends and Jimmy see’s it. So Jimmy then tells Grace, who has nothing to do with the club (doesn’t even know Jesse), but she books a bus charter using your clubs promotional code and the club receives the commission. So in this example, if there were 25 passengers, then the club just made $125.


Lets say, during the season 20 groups booked and used your promotional code with 25 passengers each time, then $125 per trip x 20 trips = $2,500


The more you can promote, the more likely you are to makes some good $$$.

Step 1 - Register Club
Step 2 - Receive Code
(via email)
Step 3 - Start Promoting
(Click for templates)
How does it work?

Register for a club promotional code (Step 1) and then advertise that code as broadly and as frequently as you can. Then, for every charter service provided by Sportsbus where your code has been used during the booking process, then Sportsbus will give your club $5 for every passenger.

Payments are made to clubs quarterly (JAN - APR - JUL - OCT)

One Promotional code per club

$5 per passenger using your clubs code

Club emailed when a booking is taken using the club code

Offer is NOT limited to just members of the club. It's open to anyone who uses the service using the clubs code

Promotional content is provided on this website. Click here!

Click here for full Terms & Conditions

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