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Promotional Content

On this page we have provided some basic content for you to use when promoting Sportsbus at your club. To use this content, simply copy &  paste the data and insert it into your promotional material.

For images, right-mouse-click and select save-as. Save the image to somewhere on your PC, then either upload it to your promotional material or cut & paste it. ### REMEMBER ### You need to insert your clubs promotional code into the text where specified, then simply broadcast / share as regularly as you can.

Clubs are also encouraged to promote Sportsbus in as many other places as they see fit, ie: flyers, signage in rooms/grounds, club functions, etc. Obviously, the more you spread the word, the more likely you are to generate some good dollars.

Social Media Content


Create a new post on your clubs page and cut & paste this content into the feed. Feel free to also adopt this content for other social media platforms.

Encourage your members to SHARE your posts

Club Sponsor - SPORTSBUS

Please help the {insert your club name here} raise money this year by supporting a new sponsor, SPORTSBUS (@sportsbus1).

If you, a friend, a family member, a work colleague (or anyone for that matter) needs a bus charter service for any type of function, refer them to SPORTSBUS and quote our clubs promotional code


{insert code}.

SPORTSBUS offers the best quote available and if another comparable (genuine) quote is received with a better price, then Sportsbus will match it and still sponsor our club for every seat sold using our promo code {insert code}.

Sharing this message on social media is a great way of spreading the word and you'll be helping raise funds for the club without even knowing it. Follow @Sportsbus1 on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to help retain their contact details.

If you would like to get a quote from SPORTSBUS, go to

#{clubname} #sportsbus1

2021 Sponsor.JPG

Email Content / Newsletter / Website

In 2021, {insert club name} is pleased to introduce you to a new sponsor, SPORTSBUS!

Sportsbus is a bus charter service that targets bus transport for sporting groups; however, will provide charters for just about any requirement across Victoria.

Our sponsorship arrangement has fantastic potential to bring in some good funds to help the club. The sponsorship offer is NOT restricted to club members, it's open to anyone that has heard about the service from our club. Here's how it works:

If you, your friends, your family, your work colleagues or anyone that you stumble across needs a bus charter service for any particular occasion, just let them know about Sportsbus and when they request a quote, they simple need to use the clubs promotional code:

{insert code}

Whenever a charter is booked using this code, the club makes money on every passenger booked on a service.

While the club will be spreading the word through it's social channels, we also recommend that you place a post on your own feeds about this service. Remember to use the clubs promotional code {insert code} when posting; or if you see the clubs social promotions, please share these with your networks.

Sportsbus offers the best quote available and if another comparable (genuine) quote is received with a better price, then Sportsbus will match it.

Sportsbus can be found at or on Facebook or Instagram

2021 Sponsor.JPG

Sportsbus Logo's

Please use these logo's when promoting links in your social pages, website or other promotional materials.

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